What is 3D Architectural Rendering

3D animation or 3D architectural visualisation is the process of preparing or creation of three dimensional illustrations for any proposed construction design. They create a document that consists of all the images pertaining to the to-be constructed building using modelling software. These documents are then put forward to the client to explain the idea and the concept behind the structure created. There are different types of 3D rendering techniques. Some techniques help in creation of just images of the structure whereas some help in creation of motion pictures.  Generally the motion picture techniques are used in presentations.  Two basic methods of architectural rendering are computer generated and hand-drawn.

Computer generated rendering are can do the following.

  • Creation of still images
  • Making of a walk through film in three dimension
  • Generating floor plans and designs
  • Present a virtual tour of the building to the customer
  • Create a panoramic view of the project


Hand-drawn renderings are the original way of production of plans. These are the plans that are created on paper in the traditional way. Some of the common utilities used for hand drawings are water colours, colour pencils, writing pencils, pen, ink, marker, highlighters, acrylic paint etc.

How much does it 3d rendering cost? Well you can check out in this article: the cost of arch viz for an accurate 3d rendering price guide.